Crypto Analyst Debates: Investing in Bitcoin Won’t Make You Rich Again

But while MICA, which sets out tight rules for companies operating in the crypto space, will go a long way towards protecting businesses and customers from its worse excesses, recent scandals suggest that those excesses could be worse and more ingrained in the sector than lawmakers might have hoped.

It seems that a sudden flood of crypto businesses is a headache that European regulators would be happy to endure.

Crypto Analyst Debates: Investing in Bitcoin Won't Make You Rich Again

Days Of Investing In Bitcoin Is Over?

Though Krüger mentioned the statement was a social experiment to observe engagement in response to a polarizing absolute statement, he still stood by his words, saying that “what I wrote still holds true.” People shouldn’t be buying Bitcoin to get rich any longer, according to Krüger.

When another user commented on the analyst’s post expressing his opinion that Bitcoin still has the potential to 10x, especially from the $15,500 region, the analyst replied saying a 10x from the lows “seems feasible.” However, not so much from the current market prices.

While Krüger tweeted his sentiment about Bitcoin, the analyst hinted at some advice investors should heed instead of bagging BTC. According to Krüger, investors should focus more on bagging crypto assets that are more volatile and have the potential for greater growth in the future.

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